Friday, April 2, 2010


Facial Hair Removal Tool: Epistick
Remove all your peach fuzz and 'staches with this simple tool!
Very easy and simple to use, get rid of all that hair within minutes!
Price: $4.00 Shipped

Hair Fringer Holder

Hair Fringe Holder
Use this magic tool to hold your fringe/bangs while you're doing your makeup, facial routine, etc!
Will not leave a dent in your bangs like bobby pins and hair bands do~!
Each pack comes with two fringe holders.

Available in Pink and Blue! (Please indicate when ordering!)
Price: $4.00 Shipped

Nose Up

Nose Up Shaping Tool
Wear 10 - 15 minutes a day to achieve the high nose you've always wanted!
Absolutely do not wear to sleep.
Price: $4.00 Shipped

False Eyelashes

Gorgeous False Eyelashes
Click on Image to Enlarge~
All Eyelashes $3.00 Shipped.

When ordering, please indicate which style you want!

We sell them by pairs, but you are interested in buying a box, let us know!

Grand Opening of the I Spy Store!

Welcome to the Grand Opening of the i Spy Store on April 2nd, 2010!

This store was created by two very good friends: Jenny & Angela!

We specialize in selling Asian Beauty Tools, or Asian Beauty in general :)

We have all our products in stock right now!

Please let us know if you have any suggestions because we want to know what our customers would like to buy and see :)

Thanks and Mucho Love!